Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Elijahs 1st birthday.

Why is a Pirate called a Pirate????
Because they Arhhhhhhh!!!

Still can not believe my baby boy is one time goes sooo quick. For Elijah's first birthday we decided to have a pirate theme tea party and me being me decided to make everything myself even the cake and no pirate party is complete with out a pirate ship cake.
So I typed in youtube pirate ship cake (you will come to see that everything I'm not sure about I YouTube) I found a few helpful videos and I was pretty happy with my final result and only took 2 attempts.

As well as the Pirate ship cake we had cupcakes

Homemade Elijah bunting with a treasure hunt theme.

Captain Jack even made a appearance...

Daddy and the birthday boy. All the children was given eye patches and pirate hats on arrival and was told to talk in pirate lingo as much as possible.
Instead of pass the parcel we had pass the treasure and musical pirates.

Captain Lola who made everyone walk the plank all day!

A great day was had by all, spent with good family, friends and great cake!!

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