Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A little more about myself

Think I'm getting the hang of this now I left out a few important facts in the first blog post, I love love love all things vintage my fav era has to be the 50s and the golden era of Hollywood. I have a slight obsession with makeup although my husband my debate that it's a slight obsession for something a little stronger.

These are a few things I love and could not live without.


  1. Hi I found you over at bluebird vintage, you have a lovely little blog, good stuff! I' ll be popping over to catch up every now and then, feel free to come and visit, I'm sure we'll be great blog buddies :)

  2. arhh thank you. I hope we will. It's all kinda new to me but I have to say I can not believe how much I am loving it. x


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