Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Weekend Fun

The weekend started for us on a Friday for a change due to daddy having the day of, so this called for a much needed shopping trip to town. It still amazes me how excited Lola can get over a trip on the bus wonder if Elijah will get this excited.

Lola-Roses outfit of the day for the party was as follows: Dress from Ladybird, Cardi-H&M, headband Monsoon and shoes from Mothercare.

Saturday was party day, the party we attended had circus performers there to teach the kids some skills i.e hula, juggling, spinning plates and stilts all so much fun and the most exciting aspect was the face painting  (amazing).

The Hula Hoops were Lola-Roses favourite.

The face painting was amazing the colours matched her outfit Love it (its the small things that please me).

Elijahs outfit of the day, he did also have a cardi in but as you can see from his rather rosey cheecks it was very warm.
His whole outfit is from the Baby K range at Mothercare. I love this range of clothing so much and seem to buy he whole range each new session not only the boys collection but also the girls line for Lola. The clothes in this range are very fashionable and of a high quailty for the money you pay. It is so hard to find cool clothes for baby boys they all seem to be pale blue where as i find the Baby K line uses amazing colours and designs.

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