Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fancy Fingers

The last couple of months I have fallen in love with a new beauty craze Nail wraps and Nail foils. I have tried a few different brands and types from the Mylene Klass nail wraps to the nail foils I bought from ebay. 
Nail wraps on left £5.99 and Nail Foils on right £1.99
 The nail wraps from Myleene Klass  (£5.99) come in 16 styles including love hearts, floral, lace, stars, sparkles and block colours I found that the application was easy, you place the rounded edge above the cuticle, fold the excess over the free edge then file downwards to remove it and fit to size. I found hem easy to apply and they look brill however after trying the Nail Foils which are priced at £1.99 which you apply in the same way apart from you add heat (from your hairdryer) to make them stick. I found that my personal preference is the nail foils. Not only are they a lot cheeper at £1.99 delivered but I am a Mum of two with the school run, making dinner and washing up to handle and the Nail Wraps just did withstand the pressure how ever the Nail Foils rocked it lasting for well over a week with no fading or scuffing!
Nail Wraps  (left) Nail Foils (right)
As a busy mum my nails go through a lot in the day and I have always strugled to find a nail varnish that lasted longer than a day without chipping (and believe me I have tried many) The Nail Foils lasted over a week with out scuffing and looking shabby how ever the Nail wraps lasted a day, 2 at most and I found the design fadded very quickly. 

The only down side I found with the Nail foils is he choice of designs available are limited unlike the Mylene Klass nail wraps which come in lots of designs and are all very cute and fashionable.

The next type I can not wait to try are the NailRock wraps the designs look amazing I'm just hopping I am not going to be let down. 

After I have put these to the busy mummy test a update will be heading this way and fingers crossed  for a happy ending and some very fancy nails.


  1. Those black and silver hearts look adorable!! I had the same problem with nail wraps, they only looked good for about a day then I had to take them off.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

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  2. I've been wanting to try these for ages, may have to give the nail foils a go :) xx

  3. I am fan of nail wraps I feel like they also peel off a layer of my nail and that sticky glue drives me nuts. I do think they have some cool designs and in a bind they are quick and easy.
    nail foils


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