Thursday, 8 March 2012

Five loves of the day

Hello Hello This week has been rather crazy, Elijah has had a tummy bug bless his little cotton socks which = a very tried mummy (my washing machine has become my new best friend well that and Coffee) any how today has been the first day since Saturday that my little dude has eaten more than a couple of mouthfulls, giggled and smiled which is super awesome, so beings the mood in the Dandelions and Kisses household is on the up I thought I would share five other things I'm LOVING today...

                        1.Little dude feeling better and smiling again.

2. Watching my beautiful baby girl take a interest and love reading books.

3. The new Dandelion and Kisses header which took me longer than I would like to admit to make.

4.Miss Lola-Roses new school bag.

5. And finally our adorable vintage inspired Cotten Candy biscuit tin.


  1. the stomach bug is the worst! yuck. glad he is finally starting to feel better.

  2. Your new header is awesome! So glad to hear you little man is feeling better. Seeing them sick is the worst!

    - Sarah

  3. Arh thank you both yes this morning he's back to his cute little self causing mischief. Which is fantastic as after a week on house arrest we can venture out side today. Xx

  4. Thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. I'm happy to find yours as well!



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