Monday, 12 March 2012

My happily ever after...

Yay tomorrow is mine and the hubbys Anniversary both Wedding and the anniversary of when we both got together. We have been married for two years and togther for thirteen, YES  thats right thirteen years. Childhood sweethearts I class myself as being extremely lucky to have found my soulmate at the age of 15 (I know thats very slushy, but I am a true romantic, I guess it does not help that Gone With The Wind is my all time favourite movie).

 Happy Anniversary Mr Stiehl.... xoxo


  1. Congratulations! How lovely!

    I'd love to do a button exchange... But, I don't see your button to add to my blog! Am I missing it somewhere? Hopefully you can grab mine easily! xoxo

    1. Thats great thank you, there should be one on now, I think I have mastered it. xox

  2. Beautiful photos! you look great! I love your hair!
    if you will pass by my blog I would like!

  3. Congratulations!! Beautiful pictures. I think it's so awesome that you live in the UK. That's one of the places I long to visit. I just joined your blog. It looks amazing!
    stop for a visit when you can :)

  4. Happy belated anniversary. I found my true love at age 13, but fought it for many years. Of course, I'm happily married to him now. :) Great pictures!!


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