Saturday, 3 March 2012

Park Life

The weather has not been fantastic today but we braved the cold wrapped up in our hats and coats and took a walk to the park. Its amazing how excitng a trip to the park can make them, when the swings came into sight you would have thought we had just walked through the entrance at DisneyLand. This was Elijah's first trip to the park since he has been walking.

Lola insisting on holding Elijah's hand which he wasn't having any of.
Outfits of the day:
Lola-Rose - Coat Next, jeans Vertbaudet, tights Tu, boots Vertbaudet, Hat Accessorize.
Elijah - Coat, Hat and trousers  Vertbaudet, T-shirt and cardi H&M, Boots Mothercare. 

Such a cheeky grin where as daddy just looks cold in the background. Since we got this hat from Acessorize you will be hard pressed to find Lola with out it. Such a cute buy and we have well and turly got our moneys worth.

hey ho lets go!!

Sliding is soooo much fun.

All worn out from all the excited.

Hope you have all had a good Saturday. Pizza has just arrived now time for Puss in Boots in 3D  (or as lola calls it cats in boots)


  1. Absolutely adorable hats :-)


  2. Aw so adorable, you have the cutest and trendiest kids :) xx

  3. Oh, my goodness! What cuties! I LOVE , LOVE , LOVE your little ones and your blog! Thank you so much for commenting - I am so happy you did!


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