Saturday, 17 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butters.

I'm not usually a lipstick girl but after seeing and hearing all the bloggers and YouTube buzz surrounding them. I could not resist nipping into boots and stopping by the Revlon counter, and I would like to say they're amazing. I do not think they have been over hyped at all. Nice feeling, not too thick (which is my problem with lipstick) and goes on nicely.

They are a mix between a lip balm and lipstick. The formula is supposed to combine the feel and shine of a balm with the color of a lipstick while still being moisturizing. The color coverage is designed to be sheer to medium. I think what makes Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butters such a popular formula is the way they feel on the lips. 

They’re slick and glide on easily which gives an even colour. I love how moisturising the finish is, like you are wearing lip balm, but then gives a nice coverage like what a lipstick would do.
I love the packaging its uber cute. They come with semi translucent caps which have a quilted pattern, and the caps represent the color of each Lip Butter. The name is also printed on the bottom cap. The cap colour makes it easy to pick which colour you want.

The colours I have are: Sugar Frosting - a very light pink with silver shimmer and Sweet Tart - a warm pink. These two are nice for everyday, especially Sugar Frosting, it gives you a nice sheen to your lips.

The only negative I found with these is that they do not tend to last very long I found my self having to reapply every hour or so, other than that I am totally in love and will be investing in more colours. 



  1. Ooo, looks nice! Usually a problem I have with lipstick is dryness, so I need to try these!

  2. I have a berry smoothie one- ahh! I love it! Hope you'll follow back at :)

  3. I love berry smoothie but agree they don't last long x


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