Thursday, 1 March 2012

A truly great Love story

Lola-Rose and Bambi, this love affair started over a year ago now on a Christmas trip to London to see santa at Harrods
 Bambi joined our family when Lola spotted him in The Disney Store on Oxford Street. He was a complete random shock (she had only seen the trailer at this point) but it seemed to be love at first sight for Lola who needed him instantly.  I have to say we was a little sceptical and thought he would be another plush toy to add to her ever groaning collection of toys she needssss. OH how wrong we was, Bambi became an instant favourite that went everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Where Lola went Bambi followed and OMG the drama when he was accidently left behind our lives seemed to relove around which I may add has become a rather shabby looking Bambi.

We had become those parents who talked about our daughters teddy in the third person, without us knowing Bambi had become as much real to Lola as to us and not only us but everyone else seemed to class Bambi as part of the family too. My iPhone is full of photos she has taken of Bambi placed around the house which is one of her favourite past times.

one of Lola's snaps using my Iphone.

I no everyone has childhood favourite toys, but I really can not imagine our Lives without Bambi now it will be a sad day when my baby girl feels she is to old to have Bambi tagging alone wherever she goes (Omg I have just had a flash back of Toy Story 3, man I cried at that movie, Bambi will never be put in the loft).


  1. I seem to remember a little girl with a very ugly doll called baba.
    BaBa now lives in the bottom off the airing cupboard, with 2 baby blankets and a missing sock x

  2. That is so precious and definitely something you'll always remember and look back on =)

    - Sarah


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