Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lola-Rose's Forth Birthday..

Once Upon a Time......

It has been very busy in the Dandelions and Kisses household this weekend. A weekend of family, cake and celebrations. Not only was it the Queens Diamond Jubilee but it was our little Princess's birthday. Four I can not believe my baby girl is 4 where has the years gone...

The theme of the party started as Princess. Ariel Is her favourite Disney Princess at he moment but it kind of shifted to more of a over - all Tea Party (getting in the spirt for the Jubilee celebrations)with a fairytale look.  I have lost count of how many cupcakes I have made over the last 4 days. We had Tea in teacups and Teapots (very British and Alice in Wonderland) and homemade Cupcakes and cream and jam scones. The whole thing was just all very pretty and girly I was completely in my Element.

I ended up making the little Lady two birthday cakes, The first being a Ariel Princess Doll cake. I have never made a doll cake before and I have to admit was very worried about making but it actually was very easy (with the help of MANY YouTube videos) and I loved the final outcome. The second cake was double layer Victoria Sponge and Lemon Drizzle with a buttercream icing (yum yum). The party was lovely and my little Lola-Rose loved every second and was totally spoilt.

Roses from our garden. 

My beautiful Baby Girl. 


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  2. Aw what a cute little tea party and what amazing baking skills you have! :) xx

  3. oh my goodness, I absolutely love your little girl's birthday theme. Those cupcakes and that cake wow very impressive! Your little girl looks so happy and so beautiful!

  4. I loved your Alice in wonder land decorations! And thoughs cherry cupcakes looke delicious!! :)
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