Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Twenty Something....

As I approach my Birthday and what will be my last year in my twenties, I have been reflecting. They seem to have sped by with a blink of a eye. I have loved my twenties. I have had some of the best times and experiences and the most life altering moments have occurred.

University -  Spending the days in a studio sketching and painting to my hearts content, learning so much about a subject I love. (drinking far too much coffee).   
 Living in a new amazing city. Not feeling guilty about my obsession for sketchbooks. Filling pages and pages with cuttings from fashion and interior magazines. Graduation being able to wear that silly hat and gown and  seeing my Parents and Damian's Proud faces.

Festivals, amazing festivals (Reading festival. The only one to do in my opinion), holidays with friends; Prague, Amsterdam and Paris. Sleeping in all day, watching movies all night. Not suffering with hangovers. 

Babies, trying for a baby and the most amazing breathtaking feeling when two little lines appear on the test "Pregnant"( I love being pregnant. Words can not describe how amazing it is). First kicks, first scans, I love how many firsts have happened in my twenties. 

It's a girl the words I longed to hear a beautiful amazing baby girl

Planning a wedding. Again filling far too many sketchbooks with ideas and dreams. Having them dreams and more come true, thanks to amazing Parents. Finally being married to my soul mate after 11 years together.

New homes, family homes, decorating (all them sketchbooks were not a waste after all). Bedtime stories. Realising how amazing your parents really are and how hard a job being a Parent is.
"We never know the love of the parent till we become parents ourselves."
 Saying the phrases you said you would never say  ("Because I said so", "I want doesn't get", "Just WAIT till your father gets home!").

Hearing the words its a boy. The feeling of  such overwhelming  joy.

.... family complete.

All that is left to say is I have high hopes to end my twenties with a bang ( a massive party sounds good)and I hope my thirties are going to be just as amazing. They have a lot to live up to.


  1. Happy birthday when it arrives! Your post sounds like the stuff of dreams! Enjoy : )

  2. Your 20's have been amazed. I loved seeing the photos while you so beautifully described the different events that took place. I hope your 30's will be just as amazing. Happy Birthday! Celebrate it with style and have a blast.

  3. So exciting! I've been 30 for almost a year now, and so far it has been the best year of my life. I hope yours is too!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my my post...I am a new follower

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