Friday, 30 March 2012

PixiGlow A little bit of Magic.

Where to start I can not begin to tell you how Excited I am by this new collection. I am a huge fan of the Pixi makeup. I love it and have a few items I can not live without.(All over magic and Eye Bright liner).
 The concept behind it is brilliant, I love why Petra Strand started the brand and the fact she had mum' s and busy woman in mind. This to me appeals straight away.
So any how when I heard that Pixi would be collaborating with Disney in a new collection inspired by one of my all time fav Disney characters, I cannot tell you how excited I was.
The collection is called PixiGlow. This line features shimmery, pretty products for eyes, face and lips. It's a six piece collection inspired by Disney's Tinker Bell.

"The PixiGlow extension line offers that final sprinkle of twinkle for eyes, lips and cheeks, allowing women to turn an ordinary look into an extraordinary one while celebrating every day with a touch of magic"

Firsts things first The packaging, now coming from a background in Design I know it's wrong but I really can not help,the fact that I tend to judge and be drawn to items on their look and the packaging design (I guess it kinda stems from years of Textile design and analysing the way things look).

The packaging on these products will not disappoint in the slightest, Petra Strand, makeup Artist and Pixi creator worked with John Quinn, the Disney character artist to re-imagine the famous fairy and create a packaging design that incorporates the classic silhouette of tinker bell with a very sophisticated Vintage look.

You will not be embarrassed in the slightest to pull any of the items in the range out of your bag. I have purchased three items in this range (am maybe hoping for the rest for my upcoming birthday, hint hint to the Mr)
The first item is the 'Magic Tink Tint' in Happy Thought Pink. It's a huge, Crayon like balm that when applied to your lips reacts to your pH and adjusts to a perfect Pink shade ! 
It feels very hydrating, and tastes good it has a spearmint taste and lasts for hours. 
It is super soft on my lips. It is not waxy or hard and left them soft and feeling very nourished. I am not one for bright lipsticks and love how subtle this colour is.

The next item I have is the Pirouette Pink nail varnish, now this colour is PINK, I'm not too sure if maybe it looks as pink because I have such pale skin but it is boarding on the Neon side, however I love it I think it will be fantastic in summer (I'm thinking cute flip flops and this lovely pink polish on my toes). I found it dried rather quick and has lasted ages without chipping and as a busy mum this is something I look for the most in a nail varnish. The only down side I found was it was slightly runny. 

And last but definitely not least, what every fairy needs and every girl dreams of having 'Fairy Dust' in Moonlight. This loose powder pigment can be applied to the eyes or skin. I personally use it right above my blush as a highlighter and on the corner of my eyes, it gives a lovely cream-gold shimmer that blends very easy. I Find it gives the skin a lovely dewy look. It is amazing.
I would highly recommend all the above items which are available from Boots and Asos.

I am really interested to find out if any of you have ever tried products that naturally work with your skin's temperature or pH levels to give you your perfect hue? If so, what do you think? I am amazed by the concept but maybe I'm just a mum that needs to get out more! :-)

"Faith and Trust ... All you need is Pixie Dust"


  1. VERY cute - such delightful packaging!

  2. Wow how pretty! I absolutely love the packaging too. Very fun!

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  3. Sooo pretty, I love the fairy dust :) xx


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