Sunday, 22 April 2012


Loving:  There is always Lots and Lots I am loving but these are a few that I am LOVING. A website called I Love Gorgeous. It's a beautiful website filled with beautiful designed girls clothes and gifts. The clothing is amazing very unique, beautifully designed and very fun and feminine.
My Dainty Doll foundation in shade 02, finally a foundation that is pale enough for my skin and matches prefect.  
Vampire Diaries OMG this week was Amazing!! Well worth the wait.
My Mum has decided to bless the world of Mummy Bloggers with her words and I am so proud of her. 'Mother Earth, or so they say...."

Wishing: This is the normal thing really, more hours in the day and to get to spend more time with the Mr. Oh I am also wishing for my little man not to keep waking up at 6am in the morning when the sun comes up. Zzzz.

Anticipating:  The arrival my new shiny white iPhone 4s. Hello 4s goodbye 4 (I will never have an excuse for forgetting anything ever again thanks to what will be my new best friend; Suri) :-) 
 The release of Mr Tim Burtons new film Dark Shadows, which we heard about the night Lola-Rose was born 4 years ago. (Can not wait ) 

Thinking about:  My Grandad (or Pop Pop as I called him). It was 23 years yesterday since we lost him, and it has made me think and reflect on the time I spent with him and think how lucky my babies are to also have such amazing grandparents and how lucky they are to have so many of them. 
Grandparents I feel are extremely important in a child's life not only for the surport and advice and of course the babysitting but because they have a treasure chest full of knowledge and experiences.
 There is no one after myself or the Mr that I would trust them with more. 
Family History, who better to learn it from and this is something that should not be lost, I LOVED listening to all my Nan's stories. Thinking about it now there is so much that I wish I had asked her. Recipes of things that only she knew (her amazing summer pudding that has never tasted the same)
My Babies have been blessed with 6 Grandparents and a Great Grandad and as they grow up I hope they realise how lucky and blessed they are. I really wish I could have had the change to get to know mine more. 

A few Sunday Morning Snaps


  1. OK, so now I am crying, how very special your words are x

  2. i'm loving VD (Vampire Diaries) as well. Isn't it great that Marlena and Damon finally had their passionate kiss. I wonder if it will last. Love that show. It's so wonderful that you have cherished memories of your grandfather. Reading that part choked me up a little. I love your photos and the colorful nail polish. They look so fun! Happy Monday BTW on Wednesday I'll be giving a fabulous Giveaway and I'm also nominating you and 3 other bloggers for a Blogger award. Stay tuned. :)

  3. Sweet post. Your children are adorable and those multicolored nails ate so fun!


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