Thursday, 5 April 2012

This week so far I have been....

Totally in love these pictures I took of Miss Lola-Rose ( or should I say our little Lola Del Rey) wearing her new Lana Del Rey inspired flower head band. 
Having lots of fun doing cute Easter activities. Wearing bunny ears, perfecting our cute bunny faces, Making cakes, Easter cards and painting Easter eggs. 

Missing daddy lots as he has been doing over time at work (which has sucked big time but will be worth it when pay day comes round).
Getting Very Excited about having the Mr of for Six whole days over the Easter bank holiday.

Was sad to watch the very last episode of One Tree Hill (boy I cried). Can not believe this show has come to a end and joins my list of past TV loves  (Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Friends to name a few..... ok  too name the best).

Drunk far to much coffee. Ok this could be added to any of my weeks list but any Mum of two toddlers under the age of 3 will know this is a must.
Loving how every day my Elijah is gaining so much independence ( and also a little sad by this). We discovered this week he is not a fan of cheese, loves the crusts left on this sandwich, laughs so hard when lola plays peek a boo with him. has discovered how to escape from his bedtime sleeping bag, loves having his feet and neck kissed. Is strangely obsessed with other peoples feet and is not a fan of the bunny ears headband.

And the best of all the weekend starts in about an hour when daddy gets home. Happy Easter everyone hope you all have a awesome Easter bank Holiday. xox


  1. Your babies look gorgeous! :)

  2. That flower crown is so precious on her! Girls are so fun to dress up. I can't wait for mine to be a little older to do more Easter activities with her.

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  3. Aw so cute, I love the headband :) x

  4. Discovered your blog on Mumsnet and thought I'd say hi!
    Loving the head band- it's super cute. It's pictures like that that make me sometimes wish I had a little girl to dress up (I don't think my son would entertain it!)
    Your blog is beautiful btw- lovely theme x


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